At Trattoria Della Nonna we use only the finest ingredients, much of which are hand-selected by owner and chef Ken Defazio. Our passion for great, authentic Calabrian cuisine drives us to go above and beyond average dining, where quality, pride, and devotion to creating the best experience for our guests is not just our goal, but our promise.

Below are just a few examples of what makes our Trattoria second to none:

Jesta Farm...
Hampton Falls, Jesta Farm, 190 Drinkwater Road, Sue Veilleux, (603) 772-6963, Nubian Dairy Goats, raw goats milk for cheese and sauces, fresh eggs, milk raised pork, goat milk soap.
  • .
  • Fish Pier...
    My problem with fish over the first years of my apprenticeship was that when I was a child, growing up poor in the beautiful state of Iowa, we did an awful lot of fishing and I only ate fish that was out of the water no more than a day. Since then I had done some "fresh fish" researching and was able to come up with a couple of companies that I could count on to deliver, honest and true, "right out of the water" fresh fish:
  • Captain Mardens
  • Honolulu Fish
  • Foley Fish
  • Hand Selected Meats...
    The advantage I have in selecting quality meats would be that my cousins own Desmond Enterprise out of Weymouth MA, and have been hand selecting all their meats as long as I can remember. This close family connection ensures that my guests will benefit from their useful experience in picking the most marbled and aged meats from the most prominent Boston vedors, so that I can pass them on to the plate night after night.
  • Imported Specialties...
    Searching around to find imported ingredients has turned out to be fun and exciting; many times I find myself feeling like a kid in a candy store. I have a constant connection to Italy through my close friend from Tutto Italiano in Hyde Park; he provides me and my Restaurant with the most intriguing products as well as the closest bread to Nonna's that I could find. Here are some of the importers I use:
  • Accardi Foods
  • Muscu Food Corporation
  • Adventure in Food
  • Langwater Farm...
    This family owned and operated farm received the award for the best hierloom tomatoes in Massachusetts. Langwater Farm is located at 209 Washington St (Rt. 138), North Easton, MA 02356 (508) 205-9665
  • Langwater Farm
  • Peaceful Meadows Dairy Farm...
    To get the freshest possible cream and milk with the least amount of homogenization we went straight to the source; Peaceful Meadows Dairy Farm in Whitman MA helps us create the closest thing to Nonna's cooked cream (Panacotta) dessert that we could, not to mention what it does to Cappuccinos, Chantilly and Fondue. And there's nothing better than pulling the fresh cream from the top of the milk and spreading it on a peace of grilled bread.
  • Peaceful Meadows
  • the cheese shop...

  • the cheese shop
  • Wards Berry Farm...
    when I am at Ward's Berry Farm likes to get a jump on Mother Nature in the beginning of the year, which makes for lots of great baby everything green by May. And when spring is in full bloom, this farm just south of Boston in Sharon, MA, exposes its vast treasures by allowing restaurant owners to tour the farm so chefs can know the up-bringing of their ingredients.
  • Wards Berry Farm
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